Thinking About Volunteering?

Foster Program
Foster FAQs


AWLMC will pay for the medical care and you provide the home. ONLY current AWLMC volunteers may submit a FOSTER Application. If you are not already a volunteer, you must FIRST complete the online Volunteer Application on this web site. A volunteer will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your Volunteer application. Once you have been accepted as a volunteer and returned the Volunteer Acceptance form, you will be sent the link to the foster application form.

If you are already an AWLMC volunteer, please contact one of the Foster Coordinators or the Volunteer Committee for the link to our online Foster application. Thank you for your interest in becoming an AWLMC Foster. We hope you will become a foster and enjoy the experience!

What is expected of me?
You are expected to care for your fosters as if they were your own. You are expected to love them, nurture them, and prepare them for adoption. You will be required to bring kittens to adoption events on a regular basis.

How much time does it take?
The amount of time will depend on whether you are fostering adult cats or kittens. An adult cat will be in your care for 2-3 weeks. During that time you will want to interact with it to help it transition to a new environment. You may need to take it to veterinarian appointments for boosters or if it becomes ill. Kitten require more care and time. Along with taking them to veterinarian appointments, you will also be bringing them to adoption events. They need to be held and socialized as much as possible. They need to be taught to not scratch, bite, or jump on things. We want them to be as friendly and outgoing as possible.

Won't I get attached to the kittens/cats?
Yes, but you will also be thrilled when they are placed in a loving and caring adoptive home. It gives you an amazing sense of pride when the cats/kittens that you have fostered are adopted and the adopter contacts you weeks later to tell you how wonderful their new family member is.

Do I have to find homes for the cats/kittens myself?
No, we have an adoption program that finds suitable homes. Anyone interested in adopting animals from the AWLMC must go through a screening process and be approved by an adoption counselor. Any of your friends or family that are interested in adopting must go through the same adoption procedure.

Who do I call if I have problems or concerns?
Once approved, you are given a packet of information, including telephone numbers of people to contact. You will also be given information on emergency medical facilities in case your foster is hurt or becomes sick.

How long will I have the foster kitten/cats?
There is no exact time. Adult cats are normally fostered for 2-3 weeks before they are brought into the shelter. Kittens will be kept in foster until they are adopted which can be at least 8 weeks.

What do I do if it doesn't work out?
Fostering isn't for everyone. If you find that things are not working out, you can just contact anyone on your contact list and we will find another placement for the cat/kittens.

Are supplies for the kittens/cats provided by the AWLMC?
We ask that food, litter, food bowls, litter boxes, toys, etc. be provided by the foster parents. The foster can be reimbursed for these expenses if they wish.