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Text Box:  What it’s All About
Everyone loves a cute, playful kitten. But what happens when those kittens are grown and suddenly lose the only home they have ever known?  More often than not, they end up in a tiny metal cage in a crowded, noisy shelter where they spend months of confinement only to be euthanized - because everyone passing by wants a little kitten.  Our goal is to rescue as many of these wonderful, loving animals as possible and give them a second chance.
The Seniors for Seniors program is designed to enrich the lives of both senior citizens and senior cats.  The goals are (1) to provide loving companionship for seniors looking to share their homes with a friendly, gentle animal, and (2) to find new, permanent homes for wonderful, overlooked cats in need.

Many people have had to give up their pets in the past few years due to economic pressure or major health issues that prevent them from caring for the animals they love any longer.  Many of these cats are either lap cats, or terrific companion cats that just want to share their lives with a person who will appreciate their devotion.
Text Box:  Cats don't require much beyond food, litter and love.  Many are exceptionally playful.  Some may be talkative. A few may be quiet and shy. Most are lap cats looking to snuggle while others just want to sit near you, grateful for your love and attention.  Each cat is as individual as every person coming through our door.

Our cats are spayed or neutered, FeLV/FIV tested and have current rabies and distemper vaccinations.

Our counselors will talk with you and help you select the perfect companion for your situation.

Who is Eligible
Senior citizens over 60 years of age and cats 6 years or older – or
special needs cats.

Cost to Adopt
For senior citizens, the cost to adopt a SENIOR cat is $50.00.