The AWLMC is an all-volunteer organization, so we always need volunteers. Currently, we are actively seeking adults to do adoption counseling, shelter cat care and fostering of cats and kittens. There are many different opportunities. If you are an adult and think that you would be interested in volunteering with the AWLMC, please click on:  On-line Volunteer Application.

If you are a student and are interested in volunteering, please click on:  On-line Student Volunteer Application.
Once your application has been reviewed, a volunteer will contact you. Thank you for your interest in the AWLMC.

Volunteer Process

Thinking about volunteering for us? Please click here to watch a 6 minute video.



Cat & Kitten Care: Shelter volunteers must be 18 years of age.

Shelter Cat Care:
Our shelter is open!!!!!  We currently have openings for shelter cat care.  You would be responsible for the daily care of the cats.  This includes:

  • Providing every cat with a clean cage, litter, bedding, and dishes.
  • Providing every cat with fresh food and water.
  • Monitoring each cat for any changes.  This includes monitoring behavior, food and water consumption, urine and feces output.  This also includes watching cats for signs of illness, stress, socialization issues, and problem behaviors.
  • Meeting the health care needs of the cats, including giving the cats any required medications and/or treatments.
  • Providing and monitoring “play time.”  This includes, giving the cats time out of their cages to get exercise, interact with each other and/or play with volunteers.  You are expected to interact and play with the cats, work on their socialization skills, and correct inappropriate behaviors.  For cats that cannot be out with other cats, you are expected to give them individual time out of their cages. 
  • Giving individual attention and nurturing to the cats, including meeting their individual grooming, medical,  nutritional, behavioral, and socialization needs.
  • Adhering to shelter hygiene/infectious control protocols.
  • Helping with maintenance/cleaning of the shelter.
  • If the shelter is open during a cat crew shift, the crew is expected to be courteous to the public and to answer any questions about the cats.

Other Cat and Kitten Care Positions:
We currently hold adoptions at our shelter and the PetSmart in Kentlands every Saturday from 1PM to 4PM. We need people to help in the following positions:

  • Counselor — Talk with prospective adopters; help them find the purrfect cat(s) for their forever homes. Training provided. Minimum time commitment: two Saturday afternoons per month.
  • Setup/Breakdown — Help with the setup and breakdown at adoption events. This involves setting up tables, cages, signs, etc. Time commitment: preferably at least one Sat. per month.
  • Foster — One of our most urgent needs! You will house cats and/or kittens who need a safe, warm, loving place to stay while they are looking for their forever home. You will need to fill out a foster application along with the volunteer application. We are in need of more foster homes! Time commitment: ongoing.
  • Vet Transport — Shuttle cats between their foster homes and area vets. Time commitment: as needed.


The AWLMC is a new organization, and we need to do a LOT of fundraising to take care of the animals, and to raise money to open a shelter. We need people to help in the following positions:

  • Event Help — We always need people to help out at fundraising events. We have events many weekends. Time commitment: varies depending on the event.
  • Event Planning — Help plan our fundraising events. Time commitment: varies depending on the event.
  • Grant Writers — We really need folks with grant proposal experience who can help us apply for and obtain grants. Time commitment: varies.


Every organization has to do administrative tasks, and the AWLMC is no exception. We need people to help in the following positions:

  • Answer Phone Calls — Check phone messages on the organization's voice mail. Either return calls or forward them to the appropriate volunteer. Time commitment: an hour or so per week.
  • Contact and screen prospective volunteers — As we mentioned above, we need volunteers, which means that we need people who can help contact and screen prospective volunteers. Time commitment: as needed.
  • Clerical Duties — Help with mailings, filing of records, etc. Time commitment: as needed.
  • Financial Record Keeping — assist in tracking our expenses and income. Time commitment: as needed.
  • Database Entry — help maintain our database of volunteers and cat information. Time commitment: as needed.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at AWLMC!